3D Wearscan BV was founded in 2014 by two renowned experts in the field of boiler maintenance. Their strive to innovation led to a solution that is revolutionising the inspection of boiler tubes and membrane walls in waste to energy and biomass industries which is commonly done using Ultrasonic Testing Technology.

In recent years the company has built a reputable track record with industry leading clients in Holland, Germany, Ireland, Sweiss and the United Kingdom. During most of our projects we find critical values that prevent costly shutdowns of the facilities and we build trend analysis that aims to contribute towards higher boiler availability and reduced shutdowns.



3D-Wearscan technology determines the external wear & tear of any given object.  In addition, our sophisticated NDT software allows on-site inspection, detection, and characterisation of pipe defects whether—internal or external; these include corrosion and mechanical damages.

Our software automatically calculates the remaining wall thickness by comparing a handmade 3D scan with an original, for which we only need the original diameter and wall thickness. The difference between both indicates the material loss as a result from external wear or damage with an accuracy of 99.9% (independently certified by TUV).

Using state of the art cloud based reporting modules, we capture the data and show critical values and trend line analysis enabling you to see the wear and tear.


  • 100% scanned surface as opposed to spot reading.
  • Critical values are reported instantly.
  • Results are fully reproducible allowing trend line analysis.
  • Faster and more accurate than conventional methods.
  • Reliability not dependent on operator
  • Cloud based reporting.


  • In-line inspection
  • Pipeline corrosion assessment
  • Pipeline mechanical damage assessment
  • 3d modelling for phased-array Inspections
  • Storage tank inspection
  • Boiler tube and Membrane wall inspection
  • Gearwheel & Jacking system inspection
  • Component analysis


Since 2014 we have built a reputable track record at various Waste to Energy Clients in Holland, Germany, Swiss and the United Kingdom.

During a scheduled outages we perform a variety of NDT and 3D-Wearscan services. Inside the boiler we mainly asses the integrity of the super-heaters, membrane walls, Inconel and or refractory. Using our Wearscan technique we have been able to deliver critical values at more than 90% of our projects. Clients initiated immediate repair programs to avoid costly shutdowns.

Our results are fully reproducible and as such can be used for trend line analysis and or quality reference towards repair programs and or replacement of critical parts. Our cloud-based reporting systems are based on a virtual environment whereby the critical values and trend-line analysis are easily displayed for interpretation.


For one of our Clients we have been able to report the wear and deformation of gearboxes and jack-up racks down to the mm.

Being able to determine the wear and deformation allows our Client to accurately assess whether or not the acceptance or rejection criteria is applicable, ultimately saving the Operator a lot of money.

Our method replaces the use of molds, rulers and human interpretation. A hybrid 3D-Industrial NDT & Wearscan team reduces the work at height exposure, overall head count and the duration of existing work scopes.