3D Rope Access BV, formerly known as WRS Rope Access BV, is not your typical Rope Access specialist as they consider Rope Access a method to get to work rather than a service on itself. Because of this mindset the company has developed itself as an independent and reliable contractor that is capable of handling complex and turn-key inspection and NDT projects where quality prevails.

Its track record is impressive to say the least; from large scaled class surveys (UTM) in the Maritime industry, to offshore Windfarm structural surveys, Offshore asset inspection programs, storage tank inspection, or boiler integrity projects in Waste to Energy.

The company differentiates itself through the training, education and competence of its workforce that takes operational excellence to the next level. This combined with a healthy dosis of passion and ambition make 3D a great company to work for and with…



3D employs a core team of full time employed inspection and NDT experts that carry various IRATA level qualifications and experience. As such our services are available as part as a single sourced or multi disciplined asset integrity approach.

  • Class Surveys (UTM)
  • Risk Based Inspection Programs
  • Structural Surveys of Wind Farms & Offshore Assets
  • Remote Asset NDT programs
  • Boiler Integrity services
  • Storage Tank inspections
  • Quality Control Services



Propriety software, big data, the internet of things, robotics, crawlers, drones, cloud computing and 3D technology will have a huge impact in the way we perform industrial inspection and maintenance.

3D Industrial offers a unique hybrid approach between robotised access solutions (such as crawlers and drones) as well as industry leading rope access services.

Multi disciplined teams and hybrid technology, we believe, provides the best foundation to reduce cost of ownership or operating.