3D NDT Services is certified by all major classification societies and carries out ultrasonic thickness measurement surveys (UTM) following class regulations. Since 1994 our certified inspectors have assisted with a variety of inspection services during docking periods all around the globe.


The activities of 3D NDT Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Thickness measurements for class renewal or intermediate surveys
  • Ultrasonic measurements for owner’s interest
  • Pre-docking Inspection Surveys
  • Steel repair surveys and calculations
  • Visual inspections for coating and corrosion assessments
  • Rope Access (e.g. UTM and NDT scopes)


Prior to executing the relevant survey, a mandatory kick-off meeting is held between all involved parties (asset owner, class and inspection team leader). During this meeting all aspects of the survey are discussed from safety to scope of work and additional client requests. This way we are able to commence with the survey and take a large piece of work load of the superintendent’s shoulders.

During the survey a comprehensive draft report is created and available for continues review by class and owner.


All measurements taken during any type of survey are recorded in a comprehensive draft report. The draft reports consists of the actual measurements taken in their respective locations including remarks placed by our inspectors. These remarks could include things like (but are not limited to), sediment, structural damages or excessive corrosion. A copy is available immediately after completion of the job.

If applicable, the measurements will be processed into electronic format according to class (using their respective mandatory software packages) or owner requirements.

The final report will be presented in electronic format to the class within two weeks of completion of the job. The report will always be sent to the contractor, who will decide what is done with the report after completion.